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Our Team

Trust our compassionate team to nurture your furry friends.

Women holding a dog

Drs Natalie Booi

I started the Clinic in May 2010. Now a few years later I’ m very proud to say that my vision and dream on how the clinic would be has become reality. Off course it is an ongoing process of improvement and adapting to the changes in the needs of our patients and clients. I have learned a lot and still do every day. As a little girl I always knew I wanted to become a Vet and always aspired to have my own practice. As a mother with young children it is a big challenge to find balance in working irregular long hours, running a business and having enough quality time with my family. But working as a Vet gives me great satisfaction and gives a lot back. Helping animals prevent them for becoming ill and curing them, the contact with the owners makes it all worthwhile.

Women holding her cats

Drs. Nydia Dik

All the way from Holland she has shown us to be a real chameleon that has adapted in many ways. She has fallen in love with Aruba and speaks fluently Papiamento. She is very passionate about salsa and horse-back riding. Nydia has a soft spot for cats and Guiney pigs. She was born in Rotterdam. After she graduated she worked for 6 months in a veterinary clinic in Limburg and then moved to Aruba in 2012.

Women with her pets

Rose Mary Arrindell

Rose studied at EPI to become a nurse. She never thought she would end up working as a Veterinary nurse. With her wide range of experience from working as a nurse at the hospital, Wit Gele Kruis and another Veterinary clinic she can adapt to any situation. She has nerves of steel and her specialty is the operation room as well as different administrative duties. As a mother of three she has her hands full, but is always ready to help with a smile.

Dayane Bisslik

Although one of the youngest of the team, Dayane is very mature and has a great sense of responsibility. Front office is her domain, but she can be found everywhere in the clinic. She helps keep our Facebook page interesting for our followers. Dayane hopes to further her studies and wants to keep developing her skills. She is very classy and sassy and makes a perfect fit with her two Chihuahuas.

Women holding a cat

Libis Ortega

Who started off as a cleaning lady is now working as a full-time Veterinary assistant. We soon fell in love with her gentle ways. It does not matter if it means making the perfect cup of coffee for her colleagues or taking care of the hospital patients. She does this with great care. As a single mom she has taught us how perseverance and dedication can make us achieve anything.

Women holding a dog

Marylou Maduro-De Windt

She helps us with all errands outside of the clinic. She has been here from the start with her advice and support which has been a great help. She has achieved the production of a very informative Television program,’ Bo Curpa Bo Bida ‘which is a big success.

Women holding a turtle

Ainhoa Gogorza

She is a true animal lover and was raised around many different species like birds, monkey’s dogs and cats since her parents have dedicated their lives to rescuing animals. She is very caring and dedicated to the pets in her care. She finished Collegio and went to Holland for her studies. We are very happy that she is part of our team.

Women holding a dog

Diana Rodriguez

As a student assistant she is a very hard worker. She helps out weekdays after school and during the weekends and vacation. After graduating from Collegio she plans to go to Holland to study. She wants to become an Orthodontist or a Dentist.

Women holding a cat

Clara Diaz

She helps us out with keeping our work space and the clinic nice, needy and clean. This is very important as hygiene is one of the most important criteria for us to be able to do a good job. We are happy to have her. She is very attentive and is always ready to help.

Women holding a dog

Britta Verburg


Let us nurture your pet with professional veterinary care.

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