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Pet in House Diagnostics

We have extensive in house laboratory and do all types of blood work ourselves with state of the art equipment. We can do full blood chemistry as a CBC Hematology. We have many different tests available that show us results within minutes. We have Ultrasound and Digital X-ray imaging available at the Clinic as well.
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Pet Litter Consultations

We offer specials for litter or group consultations. When visiting us with more than 2 Pets we give group discounts. We also do house calls especially for Families with more than 2 Pets. This way we can accommodate you with better service in the comfort of your own home. For litter vaccinations of young puppies especially we advice this because of the lower risk for infections.


We offer different type of consultations but always work with appointments. We like to take our time with you but can only do so if we work with a schedule. Appointments are almost always available on short notice. This is to guarantee a good personalized service for you and your Pet. We also offer House calls for certain cases. We are eager to meet and treat your pet. Feel free to call or pass by anytime. We have special discounts for our Elderly!! We have always been working with different Foundations. We support their efforts in making a change. As a Veterinary Practice we have a special responsibility and we always help where we can. Click here for appointment??

Paradera 177-A, Oranjestad, Aruba
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